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Become one of almost 400,000 international students who are currently pursuing their degree in Germany. Over 17,000 recognized degree programs, some of the highest-ranked universities in the world and excellent economic perspectives after graduation make Germany a top choice for international students.

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Your #1 University Placement Service for over 380 German universities!

With 8+ years of experience in education consulting and university placement of international students, our dedicated team will take care of your every need on your journey to studying in Germany. We know how complicated and overwhelming the German education system can be - so we will deal with it for you.

We do the research, find the right study program for you, and take care of your application being complete, in accordance with admission criteria, and submitted on time. Once you are admitted to the program of your dreams, we can also help you obtain your student visa, plan your travel and get settled in Germany. If you like, we can also place you in a suitable German language course. Your successful placement in your desired program is almost 100% guaranteed.

Our programs

Get admitted to one of 200+ Undergraduate study programs in Germany taught fully in English.

Available fields of study:

Agriculture, Forestry and Nutritional Sciences, Art and Art Theory, Cultural Studies, Economics, Engineering, Languages, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences

Get admitted to one of 1100+ Graduate study programs in Germany taught fully in English.

Available fields of study:

Agriculture, Forestry and Nutritional Sciences, Art and Art Theory, Cultural Studies, Economics, Engineering, Languages, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Sports, Veterinary Medicine

Preparatory course

The Studienkolleg is an intensive preparatory program for German universities. It offers academic bridging courses to prepare international university applicants for completing a degree program at a German university. In some cases, it is mandatory for applicants to attend Studienkolleg. Our education consultants will tell you if you need to attend Studienkolleg and guide you through the process.

You are interested in learning the German language in Germany? Maybe you want to study in Germany or work in Germany? Or are you interested in a quality language course you can attend virtually from your home country? We will find the perfect course for you and handle your applications. The 120+ German language schools we work with are Goethe-certified and provide courses for all levels from Beginner (A1) to Expert (C1).

Your benefits at Germany EDU

Before your admission:

Highest success rates
Almost 100% admissions

"All-inclusive" service
Just send us your documents and we handle everything else

1300+ study programs
Undergraduate and Graduate, English-only, affordable fees

Fair pricing model
Low down payment of €129
Full price upon admission

Full transparency
Smooth process, no hidden costs

Fast processing
We start processing your documents within 72hrs

24/7 availability
Easily contact your consultant via WhatsApp anytime

6+ languages supported
Our team speaks English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish and German

Once you are admitted to study in Germany:

Student visa support
Expert guidance for your student visa application

German language course
We can place you in a German course suitable for your level

Student network
Get connected in our Facebook & WhatsApp groups

Job placement service
We can find a student-friendly, English-speaking job for you

What our clients say

"It was clear for me since a long time that I wanted to study Master's in Germany, because I am really interested in EU Governance and Germany is the heart of the EU and the strongest economy there. The problem is that the application system in Germany is not really 'foreigner-friendly'. It is not unified at all, each university has their own ways and there is a lot of small information that very easily to miss but will stop your entire application. I did not want to take risk so I went with Germany EDU and did not regret it. They are very fast, affordable, have many extra benefits and they make you feel like they really care about you and want to make your life easy."

Ana Lucía, Peru
Governance & Human Rights, M. Sc.

"The best education consultants for Arabs hands down! I tried to find information on studying in Germany but found it is really difficult because there is a lot of fake information and overpriced agents especially in Arabic. The consultant who handled my application was super competent, helpful and approachable. He told me exactly which documents are needed, how long it will take and what I have to do when I'm admitted, regarding visa etc. Thank you so much! I got into a great study program that has no tuition fees and my consultant even got me a 'Minijob' as a delivery guy that I work on the weekend! I can only recommend them seriously, it's the full package"

Mahmoud, Jordan
Digital Media, B. A.

"I almost gave up wanting to study in Germany because it just seemed so overwhelming to organize, there is so much to research, so many different things to consider and documents to collect and I didn't have the time to work my way through all of it. Especially because many universities have their own procedures. Anyways a friend from my Bachelor's recommended Germany EDU and they just made everything so easy. They found the right university for me in a very short time. And helped me with all my questions. I am so happy that I did not give up but found you and I recommend you to everyone in the same situation."

Awmar, Pakistan
Aerospace Engineering, M. Sc.

"I tried to apply for uni in Germany on my own at first, but I struggled a lot to understand all the 'legal' things and how to make everything comply with the application procedures. Germany EDU was really a godsend. My consultant did everything for me, I just had to send her my documents from school and got accepted into the university a few weeks later. They also found me a German course that works with my uni schedule."

Ugne, Lithuania
Biomedical Sciences, M. Sc.

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